XCO Race

XCO Race

This classic mountain biking discipline is how it all started; an XCO race has a group start with all riders and then continues along a loop itinerary with a minimum 4 km length. The number of times that the track is repeated is based on the category of the race. Each year,
the tracks of this Olympic discipline become increasingly technical.





Length: 4000m, 160m drop




The XCO track in Val di Sole has a length of 4000 m, the start and finish is in Daolasa, located at a height of 830 m, and it is close to the gondola lift. The track has been modified along certain sections for the 2017 finals. A rock section in the woods called “Dolomiti Rocks” has been unearthed and from the arrival area, spectators will be able to see about half of the total loop including the “New School Trail”, "Bike Land Trail” and the spectacular section on the 4X world champ track. These are the sections where the majority of the spectators will be and where they can cheer on the champs during this incredible race.

Rocks, roots, natural features, excitement, adrenaline, XCO-gravity action: these are the key words that describe this year’s event. A gigantic screen will give everyone the chance to see the race live right from the stands.


Race Program

Useful informations for the spectators:

Access to the track:

To access to the path races : DH, 4X and XCO you have to enter from the main entrance and follow the signs. We reccomend to reach the 'VIEW POINT HOT-SPOT', the most spectacular spots. Crossing the course is only possible at the 'CROSSING POINT'  and please remember to obey signs and marshal directions. Whistle's marshal indicate the arrival of the rider.

What to dress and what to bring:

We recommend that you wear boots or hiking boots, and to take a hat with you just in case it's very sunny. Wearing layers of comfortable clothing is appropriate in nearly all weather conditions. If you want an autograph from your favorite athletes, take everything you need with you and don't forget your camera.

Help us to respect the enviroment:

Carry any litter or rubbish to the bottom of the course, in the World Cup Village! Don't leave it on the woods.

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