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The Bike Land festival begins: the MTB World Cup kicks off in Val di Sole

01 agosto 2019 - 16:19

Tomorrow, Friday, the real competition begins with the World Cup XC Short Track and the 4Cross World Championships. A big event growing bigger, symbol of an ever-progressing offroad movement

Amaury Pierron

Spotlights are on the Italian home of mountain biking. Val di Sole Bike Land is showing its best face to the stars of the Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, who today, Thursday August 1st, have started their rundown to a spectacular weekend (August 2-4) in all disciplines - Downhill, Cross Country and 4Cross

The real open-air playground for bike lovers of every discipline will show off on the screens all over the World, thanks to the exciting races lit up by the offroad phenoms. Rocks, roots and drops are the specials of a full-gas run: daring is more than an option.

Nino Schurter

On Thursday, under a bright and warm sun, the riders got acquainted with the downhill threats ahead of the Qualifying Round of tomorrow, Friday August 2nd, (12.15 JR Women, 12.30 JR Men, 13.30 Elite Women, 14.00 Elite Men), e and the finals on Sunday August 3rd (9.45 JR Women, 10.15 JR Men, 12.30 Elite Women, 13.30 Elite Men).

At the same time, also the Cross Country specialists got down on their 4-km course, with a 190 mt difference in altitude per lap, characterized by rocks, roots, natural obstacles and XCO-gravity junctures. 

For winning in Val di Sole on Sunday August 4th (8.30 U23 Women, 10.15 U23 Men, 12.20 Elite Women, 15.05 Elite Men) strong legs will be needed, as well as a good position in the starting grid: the riders will get to earn it in the Short Track to be taken in tomorrow, Friday August 2nd, (17.30 Elite Women, 18.15 Elite Men). Punchy and powerful riders will get an opportunity to earn World Cup points and sit in the front of the grid, whilst endurance specialists will need to control the damage not to compromise Sunday’s outcome.

Loic Bruni

On Thursday night, the Four-Cross acrobats show off in the Qualifying Round at 20.30. Pressure will be high on the riders, who will get to compete for a World Champion Jersey on Friday night, starting at 21.15. Italian fans will be cheering for Giovanni Pozzoni, first ever World Medallist in the discipline back in 2017. 

On Saturday at 18.30, the Electric Snake eMTB Short Track will represent the big novelty of the programme, with 2012 Olympic Bronze medallist Marco Aurelio Fontana and former MotoGP rider and Trentino Ambassador Marco Melandri among the starters. A one-hour race on a 1,5 km loop with 100mt of elevation gain per lap is what expects the e-powered riders.

Eleonora Farina

An intense programme for an ever-growing event, involving over 200 people between staff and volunteers over several months. “This event has earned its status in the Mountain Bike World in sportive terms, but it has become also a major boost for tourism promotion and economic turnover – Val di Sole Tourist Board Director Fabio Sacco said. “With the UCI support, we are analyzing the positive impact it brings on a land that has believed and invested a lot on cycling and outdoor sports: the attendance figures, as well as those on a progressing MTB movement, seem to prove it was a sound choice.”

Tomorrow the TV coverage of the event will also start. Red Bull TV will broadcast the Short Track show from 17.20, on Saturday the Downhill finals from 12.25. Finally on Sunday, Women Elite’s XC race will be aired from 12.15, with the Elite Men’s one to follow from 15.00.

Kate Courtney



Thursday August 1st, 20.30 CET: Qualifying Round, Men & Women
Friday August 2nd, 21.15 CET: Finals, Men & Women

Men's race - Favourites: Tornaz Slavik (CZE), Elliot Heap (GBR), Urban Rotnik (SLO)
Women's race - Favourites: Romana Labounková (CZE), Natasha Bradley (GBR), Raphaela Richter (GBR)

XCO Short Track

Friday August 2nd, 17.30 CET: Women's race (LIVE Red Bull TV)
Favourites: Kate Courtney (USA), Jolanda Neff (SUI), Elisabeth Brandau (GER)

Friday August 2nd, 18.15 CET: Men's race (LIVE Red Bull TV)
Favourites: Mathieu Van der Poel (NED), Henrique Avancini (BRA), Nino Schurter (SUI)


Friday August 2nd, 12.30 CET: Qualifying Round, Men's JR
Friday August 2nd, 13.30 CET: Qualifying Round, Women's Elite
Friday August 2nd, 14.00 CET: Qualifying Round, Men's Elite

Saturday August 3rd, 09.45 CET: Final Women's JR
Saturday August 3rd, 10.15 CET: Final Men's JR

Saturday August 3rd, 12.30 CET: Final Women's Elite (LIVE Red Bull TV)
Favourites: Tracey Hannah (AUS), Marine Cabirou (FRA), Veronika Widmann (ITA)

Saturday August 3rd, 13.30 CET: Final Men's Elite (LIVE Red Bull TV)
Favourites: Loic Bruni (SUI), Amaury Pierron (FRA), Troy Brosnan (AUS)

Electric Snake

Saturday August 3rd, 18.30 CET: Men & Women

Cross Country

Sunday August 4th, 08.30 CET: Women's U23
Favourites: Ronja Eibl (GER), Laura Stigger (AUT), Evie Richards (GBR)

Sunday August 4th, 10.15 CET: Men's U23
Favourites: Vlad Dascalu (ROM), Filippo Colombo (SUI), Maximilian Brandl (GER).

Sunday August 4th, 12.20 CET: Women's Elite (LIVE Red Bull TV)
Favourites: Jolanda Neff (SUI), Kate Courtney (USA), Sina Frei (SUI).

Sunday August 4th, 15.05 CET: Men's Elite (LIVE Red Bull TV)
Favourites: Nino Schurter (SUI), Mathieu Van der Poel (NED), Gerhard Kerschbaumer (ITA)


Daolasa di Commezzadura (Italy), August 1st, 2019

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