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Val di Sole turns pink for Giro d'Italia 102

30 gennaio 2019 - 18:50

With 102 days to the 102nd edition of the Giro d’Italia, the unmistakable “Val di Sole” sign on the race course in Daolasa and Commezzadura Municipality were illuminated in pink for “L’Italia in Rosa” initiative

Val di Sole
Photo: The famous "Val di Sole" sign which is right on the racing field of the Mountain Bike World Cup, illuminated in view of the Giro d'Italia stage to be held in Val di Sole - (Credits: Giacomo Podetti, free usage with credits) - Click on the image to download.
This year, also the Italian “BikeLand” opens its doors to top-notch road racing. With 102 days to the start of the 102nd edition of the Giro d’Italia from Bologna (May, 10 2019), on Tuesday, January 29th the Corsa Rosa stage cities have illuminated their special locations, landmarks and monuments with the iconic Giro d'Italia colour, and Val di Sole was no exception. 

In view of the start of Giro d'Italia's stage 17 from Commezzadura (Commezzadura/Val di Sole-Anterselva, 180 km) scheduled on Wednesday, May 29th, Val di Sole has decided to turn pink lights on a well-known spot for both athletes and MTB fans: the famous “Val di Sole” sign which is right on the racing field of the Mountain Bike World Cup (whose 2019 stage will be held from August 2nd to 4th)  in Daolasa di Commezzadura, where the Corsa Rosa stage will take the start. Moreover, also Commezzadura Municipality joined the celebration by being illuminated in pink. 

“It is a pleasure to join this initiative upon Giro d’Italia invitation,” the President of Val di Sole Tourism Board Luciano Rizzi explained “by illuminating in pink a symbol of our MTB events, feather in the cap of Val di Sole BikeLand. In fact, we wanted to highlight the link between these two cycling world – road and off-road – and the combination of two leading Italian events in those fields: Giro d’Italia and the MTB World Cup in Val di Sole.” 

“In Val di Sole,” Rizzi said, “the bike is the queen in all its possibilities, as demonstrated by our events related to many disciplines: this start of Giro d’Italia is a new important occasion to communicate our reality on a global scale, especially at the opening of the forthcoming 3-year period which will lead us to host the MTB World Championship again in 2021.”
Malé (TN), 30th January 2019
Val di Sole
Photo: The Commezzadura Municipality illuminated in pink - (Credits: Giacomo Podetti, free usage granted with credits). Click on the image to download.

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