How to reach us

How to reach us



The right address to access the World Cup Village, the 'finish' area and the tracks is: Fraz. Daolasa, Piazzale Telecabina Daolasa in the Municipality of Commezzadura.

GPS: N46°19.1.01 - E010°50.202

Google map:


This is definitely the easiest and quickest way to get to the World Cup. You can reach Daolasa by train from Trento. The train will take you from Trento to Malé and then to the Daolasa station where you can enter directly into the World Cup village.


During the days of the competition, the Municipality of Commezzadura will be closed to all vehicular traffic; you can leave your vehicle in the towns of Dimaro and Mezzana and follow the directions to the parking areas.

From these towns you can easily reach the village along the cycling path (1 km away) or by taking the local train.


the closet airports to Val di Sole are:


  • The Villafranca airport in Verona - Tel. (+39) 045 8095666 distance from Malè: 160 km
  • The Orio al Serio airport in Bergamo - Tel. (+39) distance from Malè: 250 km
  • The Linate airport in Milan - Tel. (+39) 02 74852200distance from Malè: 299 km
  • The Malpensa airport in Milan - Tel. (+39) 02 74852200 distance from Malè: 335 km
  • The Montichiari airport in Brescia - Tel. (+39) 030 9656511 distance from Malè: 180 km



The cycling path crosses through all of Val di Sole, therefore you can stay in any of the towns throughout the valley and reach the race tracks on your bike



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