E-MTB Race

E-MTB Race

After scaling up in the cycling market, pedal-assisted bikes have also entered the world of competition in a relevant way. After all, when the reigning E-MTB World Champion is named Tom Pidcock, the e-MTB World Championships in Val di Sole can rightfully expect a top-class line-up and a major show to take place.

On Friday, August 27th, on the third race day of the 2021 Mountain Bike World Championships (25-29 August), electric MTBs get on the playground. This is not an absolute first for Val di Sole: in fact, during the 2019 World Cup stage, the Electric Snake was held, an E-MTB competition which listed big names from the recent past such as Julien Absalon and Bart Brentjens.

Marco Aurelio Fontana won on that day, but the Electric Snake is still recalled for the show granted to spectators with this new formula.

In Daolasa, a 1.5-kilometre loop was designed for pedal-assisted competitions. After the start, athletes immediately tackle a rock garden, the climb of the Cross Country circuit and the "Snake Hill", before arriving in the "Power Hill" area, a ramp that would hardly be manageable for a muscular bike, to be faced with the help of electric assistance. Then comes the most technical part of the circuit, a descent on the Downhill track that leads to the Four-Cross course and then back to the start/finish area.

Race Program

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