Four Cross 4X

Four Cross 4X

Despite its relatively recent inception, Val di Sole Bike Land is a byword for great racing. Daolasa di Commezzadura in Trentino, Northern Italy, is ready to host the Four-Cross World Championships for the sixth edition in a row. Four-Cross is the most unpredictable and energetic discipline in mountain biking.

Spectacular overtakes and bold maneuvers represent the menu of the third day of the UCI World Championships Val di Sole 2021 (August 25-29). In the 2019 edition, Frenchman Romain Mayet and Czech Romana Labounkovà won the titles, but rivals like Brits Elliot Heap and Natasha Bradley are ready to take their revenge.

A short head-to-head race where 4 riders start together and battle down the 600-meter track, characterized by jumps, banked corners and numerous obstacles. For those acrobats ready to take on one of the most technical circuits on an international level, it feels like home. 

The Four-Cross circuit runs alongside the famous Blake Snake, and in addition to the Pro-Line, it is characterized by 3 long and challenging double jumps. It also features a very technical section in the middle part with several jumps, where the athletes give a show by trying acrobatic maneuvers to overtake each other. 

Race Program


The 4X track can only be accessed during official training sessions for the 4X competition.

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