• Is it free to access the event from Monday to Friday?

    Entrance from Monday to Friday is free, with access controls. 


  • Where can I buy the ticket?

    Tickets can only be purchased online. Click here to get your ticket!  

    There will be no physical selling points at the event to purchase tickets on-site.


  • Does the ticket also include the Daolasa 1 cable car run?

    No, the lift ticket can be purchased separately online. Click here to get the ticket.    


  • Is it mandatory to stay in the event area or is it possible to leave when the ticket is required?

    You can enter and leave the event area. Bracelets will be provided once you have passed the initial controls to access the event.


  • Do I need a ticket for Saturday and Sunday to access the entire area? Even along the courses?

    On Saturday and Sunday, a ticket is required to access any area of the event.


  • Starting from what age is the ticket required?

    Ticket must be bought for children over 12 years old.


  • Where can I park my car?

    Cars can be parked in the lots located near the race fields (Frazione Mastellina) and just beyond the village of Commezzadura (Frazione Piano). The car parks are free of charge. However, it is recommended to park in the neighboring villages (Dimaro or Mezzana) and to reach the race area by train.



  • Is the Bike Park Val di Sole in Daolasa di Commezzadura always open during the event?

    The Bike Park Val di Sole (except Black snake) in Daolasa will be closed from Tuesday 30th August to Sunday 4th September 2022 (included). The Black Snake will be closed from Monday 22nd August to Sunday 4th September 2022 (included). The Enduro courses will be accessible from the uphill station of the Daolasa-Via Mastellina cablecar. The courses are available at this link: https://www.visitvaldisole.it/en/tour-trail-mtb During these days the Pontedilegno-Tonale Bike Park at Passo Tonale will remain open.


  • I already have a Folgarida-Marilleva or SuperSkirama season ticket: is it valid also for the event’s period? 

Those who already have the gondola season ticket have to buy the entry ticket to access the event.


  • What’s the best place to stay during the World Cup event? 

The World Cup will be held in Commezzadura, Piazzale Telecabina, loc. Daolasa, 38020 TN.                                                                                       

For any information about accommodation options, please visit the web-site 

e-mail: info@visitvaldisole.it

tel: +39 0463 90 1280


  • Is it possible to participate as a volunteer?

Sure! For any information about volunteering, please click here




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