E-Enduro Val di Peio
Val di Peio
16-17 june 2018

E-Enduro  Val di Peio

Enduro MTB introduced a new way of mountain bike racing thanks to timed stages and for the upcoming 2018 season we are going to see an evolution of this race format.
Franco Monchiero, one of the founders of the Enduro category in Italy and worldwide decided to come back to race organization launching e-Enduro, characterized by a new way of interpreting the race spirit. Time stages will be still at the pillars of e-Enduro but this time with a careful selection of the locations.
e-Enduro aims to share the passion for off road biking, the exploration desire and right to assign the title of
Italian champion issued by the Federazione Ciclistica Italiana.
This new race circuit starting from those concepts are adding a special spicy to racing: the technical capability in riding.

We are looking forward to meet you in Pejo the 16th and 17th of June for the 3rd stage of e-Enduro Circuit!

Expo Area /Oc Office: Piazza Terme di Pejo

Team Area : Parking H. Rosa degli Angeli – Parcheggio Funivie Pejo3000

Bike wash: Piazza Terme di Pejo

Parking: Piazzale Funivie

Camper Area: Camping Val di Sole Via Dossi di cavia, 38024, Pejo (TN) - Trentino

Shower: Terme di Pejo

For more info: info@visitvaldipejo.it