Marathon 2018
Val di Sole Marathon
14-15 july 2018

Val di Sole Marathon 2018


After the success of the 5th edition, with more than 1000 partecipants from all over Italy, the thrilling "Val di Sole Marathon" competition in Trentino, in the town of Malé is back again in 2018!


Lots of news for the 6th edition of the most technical race in Italy, guaranteeing pure fun, technique, a challenge for your body and your mind.


Two tracks designed in a true Val di Sole style: RACE and WORLD CUP.

The first one, with a length of 35 km and an elevation difference of 1.500 m, is not trivial at all capable of putting a strain on the most experienced bikers. The second one (67 km and 3.300 m of elevation difference) is a real epic experience, that from this year can be run across as a RELAY COUPLE.



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